Welcome to Dominic C’s world

of fine nude photography!


For the past fifteen years, I’ve been working on feminine nude photography not only because writing with light is a sensory need but also owing to my obsession with a certain beauty, the one that makes me dream and takes me closer to the Eternal. In fact, feelings are fluids that lead to the Absolute, the afterlife; they are unspeakable sensations that set me free from the material world. I believe in the power of beauty and aesthetic as they have a direct impact on our senses, life sensors of human beings. (Read on)

Born in the North of France, I’ve developped a consuming passion for photography at the early age of 17. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree, I worked as a trainee in different studios located in the Lille region. Then, freshly graduated from one of the most reputed schools in Brussels, where I’ve acquired a solid education, I took the opportunity to quench my thirst for photographic adventure. (Read on)

Last but not least, please (pre-)order ‘Sirens – with poems by Peter Godwin’, a book project presenting beautiful photographic works of Southeast Asian women (watch the promotional video, here).