Is Nude Modeling an Excellent Therapy?

There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection – that is the true essence of beauty (…)

My Sensual Models

Models who accept posing naked and sensual in front of my camera are obviously the creation process’ main representatives, and I must admit some of them inspire me more than others. It’s actually (…)


(…) At the end of shooting the series “Girls In Paradise” (directed together with my friend Julien Janin), I remember that one of the 15 selected models wished to ask me a few questions that seemed very important to her. In fact (…)

Rendez-Vous with Rebecca Reijman

Every month, I have a ‘rendez-vous’ with an Indonesian artist. After living in South-East Asia for about twenty years, I am always interested in local art and the way people look at it. “Rendez-vous with” is (…)

Southeast Asia, Sensualism & Sensuality

First of all, I wish to thank you for visiting this new blog created upon the updating of my website, While hoping that this new version will please you, I take the opportunity to introduce myself again (for a complete description of my career path, please see the section “Bio”). (…)

The Beginnings of a Passion

I have very little memory of my beginnings in photography. However, this passion was probably passed down by my paternal grandfather, who was an amateur photographer himself. My father even told me that “Papy Louis” did some resistance during World War II by setting a secret photo laboratory in the back of his tailor shop to make identity photos for false passports. (…)