For the past fifteen years, I’ve been working on feminine nude photography not only because writing with light is a sensory need but also owing to my obsession with a certain beauty, the one that makes me dream and takes me closer to the Eternal. In fact, feelings are fluids that lead to the Absolute, the afterlife; they are unspeakable sensations that set me free from the material world. I believe in the power of beauty and aesthetic as they have a direct impact on our senses, life sensors of human beings.

Minimalism, Sensuality, Shapes & Tones are the basic pillars of my artistic vision, the nude very likely a pretext to this search of the Absolute through the Sacred Feminine…


On an artistic point of view, I am deeply convinced that “less is more”. Repelled by superfluity, I focus on minimizing the compositions of my photos to bring out the expressions and the curves of my models. The minimalist aspect of my work tends to intensify their sensuality, also shaped by the tones and lines of each image.


I hope to highlight the sensual aspect of those models in order to draw a clear border with sexual look – or even pornography, a notion that is too often manipulated by some mass media to set confusion in people’s minds. Sensuality is not the opposite of seduction or even provocation, but such behavior in front of the camera must be rational and controlled. Sensuality is an evidence of self-knowledge and control, mind and body: sensual is the one who knows how to master her seduction power. Sensual also is the naturally beautiful who’s not naive. In fact, many models decide to pose nude as an effort to explore their senses, their inner self and beauty.


I like women who have shapes and who can express seduction, sensually with their curves. The lines that draw voluptuously the contour of a healthy fleshy body bring the viewer’s eyes to the heart of the subject, the true essence of corporal expression, might even be a spiritual expression. Because, in a pure and intimate manner, the model is trying to explore her inner self through the mastering of her body’s outside lines.


Those lines and senses spread through the warm hues of sepia tones for the reason that monochrome helps the eyes not to wander around. The black, the white and the thousands of intermediate tones support the personification of the framing to create harmony with the skin, more over accentuate the sometimes multiple meanings of the creation: the expression of pure, absolute beauty.

Then, this pure beauty supported by the senses heads way beyond, towards the Supreme Being. For the reason that to create is undeniably to pray, to truly and modestly reveal oneself to the world that gives us the keys, the keys of the sensations and comprehension. Writing with light is to choose to give priority to the visual but it also means to manipulate aesthetic and sensual values in order to compose one’s own universe. Art sits in absolute and near perfection. It takes us closer to the Ultimate Truth.


Our present societies advocating nationalism, protectionism or simply turning upon themselves seem obsessed by the fear of the Other. Of course, they blame people who want to expose the peaceful and sensual side of humanity as the opposite of intolerance and belligerence.

Still, I continue to believe in wisdom because Art in my vision isn’t meant to confront or provoke but to pacify. Inside beauty subdues and extends over the hereafter; that place, faraway, where Truth awaits those in its quest.

Therefore, I wish to diffuse my work through exhibitions and targeted publications in order to show that the female nude, seen through the prism of sensuality, can not only entice but simultaneously exalt spiritual beauty.